The Raven Narratives

Stories From The High Desert

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upcoming Events

March 30th (Sunflower Theatre) and 31st (Durango Arts Center): "Second Chances"

June 15th (Sunflower Theatre) and 16th (Durango Arts Center): "Privilege"

August 26th: Story SLAM on the theme of "Dirty Work" in Mancos, Colorado (location TBA)

October 19th (Sunflower Theatre) and 20th (Durango Arts Center): "Transitions"


Story SLAM events feature willing storytellers from the audience who tell 6-8 minute stories related to the theme for that evening.

Raven Narratives events in March, June, and October will feature storytellers who pitch their stories related to those themes and are chosen to tell their stories. Pitch your story for these events by filling out the form on the "Contact" page. We value experiences of all kinds; diverse voices are encouraged to be a part of the Raven Narratives.



here is what people are saying about the raven narratives events:

"I think what's special about these events is, they pull at the audience to come forward with THEIR stories, helping to break down the gap between teller and listener." - Ellen Alterman

"The Raven Narratives is a small thing, but in so many ways is a completely big and radical act, inspiring authenticity, vulnerability, shared experience, and love. The warmth in the room that comes from hearing someone's truth, from sharing it with strangers, from crying and laughing and experiencing joy together, is rare in our culture. Afterwards I sat in the tenderness that the night provoked within me, and I turned inward to think about how I, too, can cultivate more of that within myself and the people around me, and be a more authentic and true version of myself." - Michal Rosenoer

"The Raven Narratives allows people to come together in a healthy, nurturing and loving way to tell and hear beautiful and powerful stories that are magical and inspirational beyond words. I have been deeply moved by being in the audience. And now after telling my story, my heart is overflowing with love, compassion and gratitude." - Brad Tafoya

"It was a great event.  Fun to see friends, and so nice to be so simply entertained.  It was like reading a book with all my friends there with me reading the same book." - Sam Carter

"I would recommend this event to others and imagine in the future the need to purchase my ticket way in advance, because it will sell out fast. I'm still thinking about wolves, stars, hatchets buried near weeds, girls' schools, candles, and being naked in foreign places. And how stories are reminders of our inter-connectivity."  - Zoe Nelsen


If you have a story that you would like to share at a future Raven Narratives storytelling event,

please fill out the form under "Contact" and tell us about it!